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Welcome to The Tuke Firm, home to Esse T. Tuke [Ess-ee Two-Kay], a distinguished black female divorce lawyer with over 20 years of comprehensive experience in the legal domain. Esse embarked on her legal journey in 2004, after earning her Juris Doctor from Fordham University School of Law.

Her journey was marked by an intriguing two-year internship at World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (WWE), where spent her time working within the in-house Intellectual Property legal department. After earning her Juris Doctor in 2004, Ms. Tuke began her legal career in Detroit, driven by a passion to make a difference.

Her foundational legal understanding was shaped during her tenure as a Judicial Law Clerk for Hon. Kathleen M. McCarthy in the Family Division of Wayne County Circuit Court, Michigan. There, she honed her skills in legal research and drafting, and played an important role in assisting unrepresented parties. This experience was instrumental in shaping her into an effective and efficient litigator, adept at navigating the nuanced complexities of divorce, family, and civil cases in Southeast Michigan.

The Tuke Firm, founded in 2009 by Esse T. Tuke, stands as a beacon of modern legal practice in Michigan, particularly in southeast Michigan, including Oakland, Wayne, Macomb and the surrounding counties. Our firm is driven by the ‘2K’ Way, a philosophy that combines a modern approach to legal services with a steadfast commitment to our clients’ best interests. At the heart of our practice are divorce and family law, areas where Esse has honed her expertise through extensive courtroom experience, a deep understanding of the emotional and legal complexities involved and being battle tested at Trial, time and again.

Esse Tuke, The Founder of The Tuke Family Law Firm

Esse’s qualifications are not just a testament to her legal acumen but also to her dedication to excellence. Graduating Cum Laude from the University of Maryland College Park, followed by her studies at Fordham University School of Law, she has consistently demonstrated her commitment to her profession. Her early experiences, including her role as a Judicial Law Clerk for Hon. Kathleen M. McCarthy, have equipped her with an invaluable perspective on the judicial process, making her a formidable presence in and out of the courtroom.

Based in Troy, MI Serving, Michigan, Oakland County, and Surrounding Counties

The Tuke Firm is deeply rooted in the community of Troy, MI, and the broader Detroit Metro Area. Our commitment extends beyond the courtroom to foster a positive impact on the communities we serve. This dedication is a core part of our identity, reflecting a belief that legal practice is not just about solving cases but also about building and supporting the community.

Esse Tuke, our founder, actively embodies this commitment through personal engagement in various community activities and associations. Her volunteer work and mentorship programs, especially with the youth, demonstrate her belief in giving back to the community that shapes our lives. Esse’s involvement as the Chair of the Macomb County Bar Association’s Diversity & Inclusion committee is particularly noteworthy. Here, she works tirelessly to promote inclusivity and diversity, ensuring all members of the bar—young and old, all walks of life– have an opportunity to thrive in the practice of law.

This dedication to community service is mirrored in The Tuke Firm’s approach to legal practice. We believe that understanding and being part of the community allows us to serve our clients better. It enables us to approach each case with a deeper awareness of the unique challenges and needs faced by individuals in our community.

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How We Help Those Facing Divorce and Divorce Proceedings

Divorce Lawyers for Child Support

In Michigan, child support is determined by guidelines that consider parents’ incomes, the number of children, and additional expenses, ensuring children’s financial needs are met post-divorce. Support obligations generally last until the child reaches 18 but can extend to 19 and a half under specific circumstances, such as ongoing high school education or special needs.

Child Custody Legal Guidance

Child custody laws in Michigan and across the nation center around the child’s best interests. This includes considerations of emotional connections with each parent, the child’s adaptation to their environment, and parental caregiving capabilities. The legal system recognizes legal custody, focusing on upbringing decisions, and physical custody, which addresses the child’s primary residence. Courts can assign joint or sole custody in both respects, frequently favoring joint legal custody to facilitate both parents’ involvement in the child’s life. The specifics of physical custody may vary, with arrangements tailored to best serve the child’s welfare.

Alimony and Spousal Support

Alimony, or spousal support, while not a certainty in Michigan divorces, is awarded based on a negotiation between you and your spouse OR a judicial evaluation of each spouse’s financial situation, marriage length, and earning abilities. There’s no predetermined formula for alimony in Michigan, with judicial discretion playing a critical role in the decision-making process. Alimony aims to assist the lower-earning spouse in maintaining a comparable standard of living or to support them towards financial independence. Considerations for alimony awards also include the age and health of the parties, their earning capacities, employment, and contributions to the marital estate.

Comprehensive Family Law Representation

Our divorce lawyers provide comprehensive family law services, tackling issues from child support and custody to parenting time issues, ensuring our clients’ and their children’s rights and interests are at the forefront. With a nuanced understanding of Michigan law, our attorneys guide our clients through these complex matters with expertise, compassion, and a commitment to achieving fair and sustainable outcomes.

Property Distribution

In Michigan (MI), as in many states across the U.S., property division during divorce adheres to the principle of equitable distribution. Courts aim to divide marital assets—ranging from real estate to retirement accounts—fairly, though not always equally, based on each spouse’s financial status, contributions to the marriage, and future needs. Assets owned prior to the marriage or received as gifts or inheritances typically remain with the original owner. Factors such as the duration of the marriage, the parties’ ages, health, earning capabilities, and the divorce’s underlying causes are thoroughly considered to ensure an equitable division.

High-Asset Divorces

Handling a high-asset divorce requires meticulous attention to detail and a comprehensive understanding of Michigan divorce law and the nuance of your particular jurisdiction and judge.

The division of complex marital assets, including businesses, real estate, and investments, demands accurate valuations from financial experts and consideration of potential tax consequences. Prenuptial or postnuptial agreements and the risk of hidden assets further complicate these cases, necessitating forensic accounting to uncover all relevant property. Privacy concerns and the desire for discretion may lead parties toward out-of-court settlements or the use of private judges.

Our divorce attorneys are adept at addressing the unique challenges of high-asset divorces. Our lawyers ensure that property division and divorce settlements accurately reflect each spouse’s contributions and protect their financial futures. With a proven track record in negotiation, client advocacy, courtroom advocacy, and litigation, our lawyers are committed to securing favorable outcomes for our clients.

Choose Excellence with Esse Tuke, a Black Divorce Attorney – Black Owned Family Law Firm

The Tuke Firm stands out for its unparalleled blend of expertise, empathy, and efficiency in handling divorce and family law cases. With Esse Tuke, one of the prominent black women lawyers in Michigan at the helm, we offer the unique advantages of:

  • Zealous advocacy on ALL cases,
  • Experience in finding solutions for complex issues and complex people,
  • Transparent pricing with flat fees option available for simple or uncontested cases,
  • Formidable trial representation,
  • Empathetic client relationships- your unique case concerns are addressed with care,
  • Long track record of successful outcomes for clients

The 2K Team and its lawyers are committed to delivering quality results that are both effective and accessible, ensuring you are supported every step of the way.

We invite you to choose The Tuke Firm for your divorce or family law needs, where you’ll find more than just representation—you’ll find a partner committed to protecting your interests and securing the best possible outcome.

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